The 406 PLB: 911 for mariners

Over the past several years there have been reports of people disappearing out at sea.
Searches can go for days,covering hundreds of square miles. And rescue personnel are
hard-pressed to find a very small object in a vast, visually confusing ocean.

The 406 beacon works in conjunction with the search-and-rescue satellite system (SARSAT)
which is capable of picking up a distress signal, and determining its location within a matter
of minutes (when used in conjunction with a built-in GPS locator). Several people in Hawaii
have already benefitted from this life-saving technology.

Before you buy your next reel, consider getting one and wearing it. Whether your boat sinks,
you go overboard, or you find yourself drifting faster than you can paddle your kayak, this PLB
can help ensure you don't become yet another mystery at sea.