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If we can join you someday, please get in contact with the show's producer via email, dean@HawaiiGoesFishing.com, or call Dean at 808-265-8875. It's like having a professional film your personal fishing adventure, and you get to have a DVD copy of those great memories.

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OC16 bestows top honor to Hawai'i Goes Fishing
We were recently awarded the "Show of the Year" for two years in a row, 2010 and 2011, by Oceanic Time/Warner Cable for being the highest-rated show of OC16's lineup of local programs.

Thank you to all our viewers for making us number one on Hawaii's only 100% local channel. And a very big "mahalo" to OC16 and our sponsors for their support.

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Top show award

What is Hawai'i Goes Fishing?
Hawai'i Goes Fishing is a full hour of angling action, tackle tips and more each week on Hawai'i's all-local channel, OC-16.

With three stories and three features in every episode, this TV magazine provides a broad perspective of a variety of fishing styles and personalities.

This is who we are, along with a brief history about fishing shows in Hawai'i and how we got to where we are today.

Play this Quicktime movie to see what our show is all about.

Demo ReelHosts Cindy Paliracio, Dave Lancaster and Margot Mendoza take you out each week to experience the fun and adventure of this unique way of life in Hawai'i.
Click here to see the demo reel.

Fishermen are the celebrities

Hawai'i Goes Fishing is your show and we can't do this without you.

The real "stars" of Hawai'i Goes Fishing are the thousands of people who live and love this cherished way of life. The show depends and thrives upon diversity, and wouldn't exist if people weren't willing to share their time with us! So please drop us a line at hanapaa@hawaiigoesfishing.com and let's talk about joining you on your next fishing trip.

Our regular weekly features

Mark Kimura at HCC
Mark Kimura presents Boating Basics.
Dave in Reel Recipes
Margot, Dave and Cindy taste Naoki's kaku loco moco .
tackle tips
Kekahi demos an Australian slide for Dave.
Boating Basics
In addition to unique fishing experiences, the show regularly spotlights helpful features such as Boating Basics where Mark Kimura shares his expertise from the campus of Honolulu Community College's Marine Education Center. Mark provides important maintenance advice that will help keep your boat in top running condition.
Reel Recipes
Guests from a many walks of life demonstrate their favorite homestyle recipes with Dave Lancaster. You won't have to be a master chef to follow along with these guys.
Tackle Tips
Everything from simple knots to tricked out gadetry is covered Tackle Tips, brought to you by our friends at Hana Pa'a Hawai'i. Dave also highlights some practical and handy tips from fellow fishermen each week.

DVDs of episodes
You can purchase a DVD of any episode for $15 per show. Please email us at hanapaa@hawaiigoesfishing.com if you're interested in ordering a copy of an episode you saw on OC16.


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Hawai'i Goes Fishing is Hawai'i's highest-rated fishing show and is the top-rated program on Oceanic Time-Warner Cable's OC16.

E-mail us at hanapaa@hawaiigoesfishing.com.

Steve Fly Fishing
Steve Lee casts for bonefish at dawn.

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